Elemental Hellfire

January 26, 2009

This weekend has been one of the few times that I have sat down with WoW and actually achieved what the original goal was. Lekktra dinged 60 on Saturday and is very happy that she can now ride around on her new Swift Mistsaber. She’s looking good and even managed to get the Blue mail pants (skirt) from a rather interesting run through the Hellfire Ramparts, the first instance available in Outland. I had at one point been asked to go and heal the place, erstwhile readers will be aware that Lekktra is specced Elemental and I wouldn’t be happy tagging along as a proper healer so I didn’t. Well, I log in for another session later on in the day and then advertise my services in LFG as a DPS, I get a group almost instantly comprised of…….. wait for it…….. here it comes…….. a rather balanced group this……… four death knights! I figure “what the hell” and off we trot. I slap down totems and start with the Chain lightning and lightning bolts as we proceed to romp through the whole place. We had a total of two wipes, one on each of the final two bosses, other than that things went remarkably well, I took it on myself to off-heal and still managed to beat one of the DKs on the damage meters. Although a rather bizarre group (not one of the used Frost Presence, they all walked around in either Blood or Unholy) things went pretty smooth.

I set myself a secondary goal of getting to 62 but ended up spending most of Sunday running Heroics with my Priest (just gives me more rest XP). I even managed to pick up some of the Lunar Festival achievements including taking part in a raid against Omen. However, a poor level 60 didn’t really do anything against the big bad beastie but I stood there draining my mana pool casting Lightning Bolts nonetheless. What this does mean though is that the lower level of this character is going to prevent me from completing the event. I am still not sure just what kind of reception I am going to receive at the point I charge Bo into the various Horde cities to try and grab their Elders but I can’t even contemplate that until this time next year with my Shaman, which is a shame, but that’s what you get with alts and achievements aren’t all the game is about anyway.


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