A Draenei, a PuG and a Huntard

January 23, 2009

My “I’ll hit Outland this weekend” goal with my Shaman is looking like a go, this makes me happy. More questing in Winterspring got me to 57 last night and now I just need to do a quick tour of places in Kalimdor to drop off some quests and then maybe do a little more in the land of snow before hitting Eastern Plaguelands to finish. Then it’s a short hop to Nethergarde Keep and legging it through the Dark Portal.

Boomkin Steller logged in during a lull and started recruitment for a Heroic (I’ve only done one so far in Wrath). I grabbed the daily quest and headed for Old Kingdom. We ended up with me, Fermat our warrior, Steller and a pug Warlock and Hunter. Things went a bit wrong from the start really, I remember having to use the soulstone on the steps after the first couple of pulls, don’ tknow whow as to blame but we ended up with a couple of groups of pulls rather than just the one, I was also fighting the 3.0.8 lag improvements with a ping of 700-1k, fun times. Well, after that we get to first boss, despite the 1-2 sec lag on casting we downed the first boss with no problems whatsoever, off we go down the stairs towards second boss and wipe after half the group gets feared into the Geist things, we last for a while but with a high latency and about 400 mobs on screen eventually we bite the dust. I’ll have to admit that my own preparation for this place was not that great as I had only run it once prior to heroic so I’m not down with all the bosses etc… this has been fixed now.

Anyway, we get to second boss, two people die due to the debuff (with screams of “HEAL” from the Hunter despite the fact that the debuff stops 100% of all healing) but we down him (no priest loots) and we decide to go straight for the final boss to race the timer. We can play good idea/bad idea with this after what happened next. For those of you who have yet to sample the delights of the Herald at the end of Ahn’kahet he is a Bog Lord, ala several instances and mobs around Zangarmarsh and has a mechanic similar to the “Time for Fun” in Shadow Labyrinth but amplified. You end up in a “phase” with copies of your party who will then mercilessly try and kill you. I managed to nuke my way through my copies, Hunter and Warlock didn’t, this was a set of events that would replay its way through a full set of durability on my gear. Every time the same few people would make it through the “insanity” and despite our clear attempts to help with what can be done to nuke us all down (trap the melee, viper sting the priest, scatter shot etc..) the Hunter proceeded to whine that he had no way of killing anyone. The sad thing is that he was excellently geared in almost full Naxx epics and put out the best DPS of our group. After about the 6th wipe he called it quits and left, we secured Lisuri our guild Warlock and after the other Lock left we tried to 4 man it. The best we did was 5%, I think this is due to learning the encounter a little better and more co-ordination, I’ll admit though that it is a tough encounter.

After we left the instance (yes, we gave up) I got talking to Fermat about my talents, he feels that he is not getting the healing that he would like from the Disc spec that I have been running. Personally I don’t think things have gone that badly and we put the majority of things down to the ridiculous lag last night, however, for the cost of a respec we decided to try going back into a Holy spec to see if that provided better utility while doing Heroics, the disc spec could sit on the back burner until we hit Naxx or perhaps come back for instances if the Holy doesn’t prove to be better. So, I am back to Holy, I’ve lost Mental Agility so am about 2k mana worse off, however, I have gained about 100 spellpower and will have vastly larger heals. I have given in and got Circle of Healing too, I haven’t used this since my first forays inside Kara and I’ve seen it used very badly before so have personally stayed clear of it. Yet, for the sake of the group I’m willing to see if we can do better with this spec as it should provide better group healing as opposed to the single target that Disc is really designed for.

This spec may get a trip out tonight to see how it goes, but I would have thought that I’ll at least get some mileage with it this weekend. I have been Holy for a long time before this so there shouldn’t be too much to learn other than using CoH and the new Guardian Spirit. I want to see how my mana regen works out. It probably won’t be another trip into the Old Kingdom that tests this out but I am much more in the frame of mind to properly prepare for boss encounters so that we can decide how the group can deal with things. However, the fact that the Hunter could not take out a single clone despite his gear proved to be rather a detriment and the fact that he shot down whatever advice we tried to offer (OK so we’re not Hunters full time but a good group should try and help each other out) and then left doesn’t provide a shining example of the class that already has a poor reputation.

I’m looking forward to see if the Shaman replacement does good things.


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