January 22, 2009

Not a comment on the state of play from 3.0.8 going live (although the whine is strong among the Priset community after Circle of Healing got nerfed, my personal opinion is that this was a good thing), but more along the lines of me having downloaded the Dawn of War 2 beta client. I read the review in this months PC Gamer (it scored 82%) and I’m intrigued. I run a LAN event every month with some friends and the current game of choice is Dawn of War and talk of the sequel is getting some people excited, I know the single player has been massively changed from  the original so checking out the multiplayer will be the main focus of my attentions to see if this will work as a replacement.

In WoW news I checked auctions last night and not much else. Tonight my lovely wife has a school meeting so I’ll be able to log in as soon as I get home and vegitate in front of the PC to try and grab at least a level on Lekktra, I want her in Outland this weekend and get her an epic mount funded more than likely through Bo. I only have 800g on the Priest at the moment so I may have to do some questing or sell some of the collected mining resources to accrue some extra cash. With my Shaman I will be ignoring the flying mount completely until I get to 77 as it will go unused until I can get cold weather flying for Northrend. Hopefully by then I’ll be sitting on a hug stash of gold and can go straight for the epic flyer. This will save me a tiny bit on buying a non-epic flyer and I can always get extra mounts as and when to go for achievements. My only real concern with going with the Shaman is that a lot of the reputation gains I’ve made with Bo will have to be done again with Lekktra if I want to grab achievements. We’ll see how that plays out though.


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