It’s Alive…..

January 21, 2009

… or should that be “it’s live”?

Patch 3.0.8 hit live servers today, I know this because of the site EU WoW site being down over lunchtime robbing me of my forum browsing time. Shouts of “The sky is falling” resound from the Hunter community due to some large changes there. However, I thought I’d take a look at those changes that specifically affect the Priest class. There are also some changes to Shamans but until I’ve got Lekktra through Outland (at least) I’m not going to be commenting until I am better acquainted with the class.

World of Warcraft Patch 3.0.8


    • Abolish Disease and Cure Disease can now be cast while in Shadowform.
    • Holy: Circle of Healing now has a 6 second cooldown.
    • Levitate is now castable on others.
    • Mana Burn: Now burns a percentage of maximum mana.
    • Shadow
      • Shadowform: You can now shift into Shadowform while mounted or sitting.
      • Vampiric Embrace- Mana cost of this spell has been removed.

As I’m not currently Shadow the first few changes don’t affect me, but I’m sure that being able to sling around a few cleansing spells amy come in handy now and again, although I would ahve thought and raid worth it’s salt will be quite well equipped to remove diseases, perhaps this is more for 5-mans and even PvP to challenge Death Knights. The Circle of Healing change is personally welcome. After all, Bo isn’t Holy, but I’ve seen bad things from a raid healer spamming this spell to climb up the healing charts. Priests have a large number of spells to enable a versatile healing capability, hopefully people will use the tools given them rather than trying to render the class down to being a Paladin. The change to levitate really isn’t anything that’s going to affect the game, although I was explaining to a friend about the hilarious potential for Path of Frost jokes on our friends. The escape from Utgarde Keep sees you drop down into some water, I levitate, cast it on a few other people and then we jump down, the Death Knight casting his “walk on water” and we wait for the splat.

Mana burn I imagine is largley a PvP thing, I have never actually weaved it into any DPS spell rotation for any of the PvE things I have ever done. The only times I have used it is when something Mana Burns me and I just do it back out of spite. The final two changes to Shadowform actually make sense as well. Not really much to comment on except I’d like some kind of “Holy form” for healing priests. This could even combine the various powers from other talents (a priest floating in the air with a golden halo similar to PW: Shield would be awesome). But that’s just what I think and I’m not a Blizzard developer. So, nothing really affects Bo out of anything of this. There are more sweeping changes to Hunters and Shamans, one those affects me and if I play my Hunter more I may experience the changes to the other as my level 46 Hunter is currently specced as BM. For a better view of the Hunter changes check out someone more in the know.


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