The Nexus

January 20, 2009

Apologies for the complete lack of a creative title. On Sunday (yes I’m perfectly aware that it is Tuesday today) I went into the first Heroic of my new lvl 80 career. I grabbed the daily Heroic quest which sent me and some guildies back to the Nexus, the first instance we ran on appearing in Northrend. Needless to say we were overly confident in our own abilities, charging into the ice-trapped minions and pulling the “boss that isn’t there in the non-heroic version” along with all the attendant adds. We got spanked but thanks to a soulstone came back and got our revenge. We had some problems with the triplet mage but after getting round her the rest of the instance went off without a hitch, I even managed to bag the “Intense Cold” achievement off big dragon lady. However, the gold and Emblems didn’t quite make up for the probably noobiest moment in my WoW career. At level 80 Priest get a new version of Prayer of Fortitude (and for my spec Prayer of Spirit). OK, no biggy you may think, however, this new rank of spell requires a new reagent, the Devout Candle. Now, I’d noticed this when I picked up the spells during my 80 training and I had (and still have no idea) no idea where the reagent vendor in Dalaran is. So, I though, “whatever, I’ll grab some later on my travels”. Except of course, I didn’t, I went into the instance only carrying a butt load of the old lvl 70 candles…. after numerous wipes on the magic lady I had to leave and go to the vendor outside the inn of Valiance Keep to grab them there.

It was a /facepalm moment if ever I’ve had one.

Later that night we ran LBRS and UBRS though and got our Jenkins titles, that was quite good fun despite how long it took us to get through everything.


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