January 19, 2009

Friday night was supposed to be “The Night” (TM) however, the feeding of sister-in-law and her boyfriend led to my wife and said sister apprehending my PC to look for some tat, I think it may have been something for the Father-in-law’s birthday but I can’t be too sure. The boyfriend and I proceeded to play lots of Guitar Hero to pass the time. This obviously put my plans back as I got no time at all on Friday night to play. This was rectified on Saturday though, although I fell afoul of the horribleness that is known by all and sundry as the PUG!

I’ve done Violet Hold numerous times since I was about level 75, it’s only within the last week or so that I’ve actually got to a level where I’ve been able to take Containment the quest given just outside the place. I’ve had it sitting in my log for ages and though a quick blast through an instance added to quest XP might be a nice break from powering through Icecrown’s quests. Needless to say it wasn’t. We got the group up to four people quite quickly, hilarity ensued half an hour later when the Death Knight in our group asked what we were looking for and the leader (a rogue) replied we needed a tank. At this point the Death Knight kindly points out that he is a tank and even put it in the comments section of the LFG tool….we grab a Hunter and I head for the instance. I get there, seemingly the only person that is particularly interesting in getting to Dalaran. The Hunter (I am not surprised that someone with the name Huntahlord comes across as being a nublet) drops party and one of the other party members suggest another Hunter, who gets invited. Eventually we make it inside, everyone gets buffed and we start.

First portal opens, DK starts tanking the first portal guardian, add spawns and head straight for the door, I go after it to DoT it with SW: Pain (no-one else has noticed the mob) but the tank is taking some damage and I need to heal. I have to type into party chat about three times before someone actually takes notice and the hunter heads off to pull it back. We take down the first portal just as the second one opens, this doesn’t look good, but we keep going through until portal number four when the Rogue DC’s. Now, our DPS is pretty crap anyway but now we lose someone with no way of getting anyone into the instance once the doors have closed. So, imagine if you will, the pure horror when the Hunter (I know it’s going to sound cliche’d but you know, the class has a reputation for a reason) announces that “need to go get food, my mom will kill me otherwise.” I am sure that I must have shouted something at this point but my mind has blanked it out as happens with many a case of unnatural trauma. Off goes the Hunter with a supposedly consoleing “sorry” as the first boss opens up and it’s the Voidwalker with the stupid adds. Needless to say I think I’m the only one that knows about the adds and we wipe in short order. I get back in and grab my corpse and then it’s a quick /leaveparty and I log out suitably frustrated. Had a shower and some lunch before going back in.

Daily Dungeon for Saturday was Culling of Stratholme, I got some guidlies together and off we went with a couple of random DPS. We breezed through the place and got achievements and quests for the extra two people we brought through with us. We then decided to go and do Halls of Lightning as a follow up, especially as I was only a few hundered thousand experience off 80 at this point. After battling against the server to actually load us up an instance we had a pretty solid run. I dinged on a trash pull and even managed to make it through Loken without any major mishaps. Our Critchicken bit the dust but we all got through and I headed off to my homelend of Exodar to pick up my level 80 skills. I put my last talent point in Desperate Prayer and bought all the Elekk’s I didn’t have as a level 80 treat which also got me the 10 mounts achievement.

So there we go, I am now 80 and Heroics await me as well as the potential once more of epic lewtz!


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