“Luke, at that speed will you be able to pull out in time?”

January 16, 2009

After dinging to 79 on Tuesday night from Icecrown questing I had virtually nothing showing for the charge to 80, I think maybe 1% through after the discovery that threw me over the threshold of the penultimate level. At that point I called it a job well done, got training and had a bit of a break on my Shaman (who got to 55 as shown in Wednesday’s post). Wednesday night my wife rustled the PC so I didn’t get on until very late (hence no post yesterday) so all I did was get through RFD and RFK to get the achievements and finish a quest that I had some how picked up for RFD in Stormwind. I managed to mine some Iron in there as well so it wasn’t a complete waste of my time.

So, onto last night then, it has confirmed my target that I should be able to hit 80 this week. I have 58% completed and enough rested to cover the rest of my gains. I reckon I put in around two and a half hours of solid questing before wanting a break and coercing our tank to stop playing his new DK alt and jump on to his Warrior. It took longer to get the final two DPS slots filled than it did to run the place. Ok, so our tank may be slightly over geared for normal instances now but it certainly helped us whizz through Culling of Stratholme in around 30 minutes. This time though I was high enough to get the quests and it was a completely trouble free run from start to finish. I got the caster off-hand drop from the Abomination boss and then chose some nice gloves from the final quest reward which were a slight upgrade over what I already had. The instance finished off the night for me and I had gotten 8 or 9% of the level off that one run (including the quests). I headed over to the Kalu’ak docks in Howling Fjord and grabbed myself the Totemic Purification Rod from their Quartermaster. I lost a couple hundred mana I think in the conversion from my old staff but overall increased spellpower by enough to make the trade worthwhile. The Rod also has the advantage of looking spiffy, for 55g it’s a bargain before anything starts to drop from Heroics.

Hopefully I can complete this charge tonight meaning I’ll have got from 79-80 in around about 5 or 6 hours which I think is pretty good going. Some of the mobs in Icecrown can be quite tough for a Priest, especially one specced for healing rather than a compromise of DPS and Healing. I’m still going to have plenty to see and do once I finally reach the magic number (including levelling the Shaman and more than likely the DK too) but I’ll be able to hold my head high as our tank stops moaning that I can’t come to Heroics. That Bronze Drake is looking very tempting right now…..


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