Stay on Target

January 14, 2009

In a Death Star Trench “Almost there!” moment I managed to hit Icecrown like an unstoppable renegade Elephant stampede, just as planned. Many hours of non-stop Priest on PvE questing resulted in me eeking my way past the evening’s goal post to the loftiness of level 79, a mere 1.7 million XP of finishing Wrath’s new level cap. I even managed this while still having over 1 million rest XP saved. I have some other things on tonight which is going to prevent me from getting onto the computer until around 2130 hours tonight so hitting 80 tonight is definitely off the cards. However, I am looking at thrashing Icecrown over the next few days to see where we go and how far I can get, I am still pressing forward with 80 at the weekend. I also picked up my Knights of the Ebon Blade Tabard.All my quest loot hit the vendors as well to fuel my ever-increasing gold hoard, I can almost afford winter flying again after laying down the cash to get that once I’d hit 77.

After the marathon that was Bo’s trip into Icecrown I took Lekktra for a trip too. I respecced Enhancement from my much enjoyed Elemental spec as apparently that is the best spec for levelling. Due to horrible lag at my end I died a couple of times but managed to eek out the final XP to hit 55, the greatest tragedy is that I can’t find two decent one handers to dual wield, I am still stuck with my staff as I’m not willing to lay down a few hundred gold on blues and some stuff I am not high enough to use. We’ll see if anything comes from quests but as I’m not far off Outland we’ll see what comes up.

I don’t know if I’m just way too used to being a Priest but it always seems to amaze me just how much damage the Shaman takes in combat, in Elemental most stuff was usually nearly dead when it got to me during a planned pull, but when things go pearshaped and up close with Enhancement you git hit a lot (obviously) and even the mail armour doesn’t seem to provide a huge mitigation and I’ll ned up healing myself. With Water Shield up I regain mana fast and can therefore keep myself healed but I really think that I’m too used to being able to fire off a HoT and a PW: Shield to keep myself safe from harm. Our tank was also playing his alt Death Knight last night, we’ll see if he stays tanking with the Warrior or if he turns to the Dark Side, he’s already well ahead of the Shammy though, we’ll see if I can catch up.

The race to 80 continues…


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