Alt Lag

January 13, 2009

This is the sole reason that I am not level 80 already. When I came back to WoW for Wrath I had resolved (due to an unhealthy obsession with reading BRK’s blog) that I would play my flagging Hunter and get that class up to 80. Especially considering I wasn’t aware of the resurrection of so many of my friends in terms of their own interest in playing it. I took my Hunter from the lowly realms of level 39 up to level 46, where she resides to this very day. A rogue version of QuestHelper caused my game client to crash whenever I tried to access a flight point. What this unexpected error caused me to do was to switch over to my Shaman, Lekktra (she shoots electricity….I though it was clever). I had had great fun with this character right up until our WoW run ended around about this time last year, we’d cleared Kara in short order but didn’t have the numbers ourselves for 25-man content. While doing the raiding I had been levelling the Shaman as a perceived replacement for the easy-mode healing of Bo in Holy spec. As well as the long history that our play group has of seeing mail loot drop, Shaman seemed like a good idea and had been a possibility when we all started out (Shaman, Mage, Paladin and Priest were the options I considered at the time).

I took Lekktra from her mid 40’s through the final parts of Ferelas and Tanaris, through Felwood, Hinterlands and on into the Plaguelands. She is currently knocking on the door of level 55 with a full complement of blue bar. I then got convinced to carry on where I left off with Bo and therefore jumped into Northrend in the wake of RL friends returning to the game. Hence, the 3 people who consitute my main playing group are all now level 80, our tank is waiting (frustrated at my apparent lack of progress hehe) for me to catch up. Ironically his ravings about me “faffing about on alts” is proving somewhat prophetic. If I had started on Bo right from the off I’d have been level 80 a week or so ago. As it is an hour of questing last night means I am around 40% off 79 and rested enough to take me beyond that (if only slightly). All the quests in Howling Fjord are green to me now and I could probably get levelled faster if I stopped my stubborn clinging to finishing the zone before moving on. it is getting an increasing possiblity that tonight I will abandon my questing in the Fjord to hit one of the higher zones to quickly get to 80 and therefore get into Heroics. This should appease Mr Tank and leave me with a treasure trove of questing to keep the gold flooding in to keep my army of alts going. I will get more than one character to top level and as I occupy our main healing slot then the Shaman seems like the best candidate for that. But for now there is no more “faffing about” the climb to 80 is almost done and I need to finish it this week, if not only for the sake of my own sanity, but for the sake of our tank. I think his head might actually explode if I make him continue doing PUGs.


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