Weekend Ramblings

January 12, 2009

Due to my wife’s birthday over the weekend all I managed was a couple of hours online Sunday with Phaed my Death Knight, who has now climbed to level 60. This is actually my third Death Knight and the second one to hit this level. I started off with a Night Elf, but deleted that (all my slots are full on Argent Dawn) to create a higher level Horde character. I will at some point sort out getting my Hordie Paladin up to 80. Yet we had new a week or so ago about other people coming back to WoW, they only hit 60 before they wandered away and so they remain. Thus I have taken it upon myself to delete the Blood Elf Death Knight and create a Human DK (rep boost ftw!). I am trying to provide these returnees with a tank so that we can do instances more easily as they level. This should also help me get a second character to 80 as I am working on finishing off the XP part of Northrend this week. Bo is around halfway into 78 and should have accrued a butt load of rest XP over the weekend. This will be supplemented by what I gain through being at work during the days to (hopefully) allow me to hit 79 over the next day or so and then climb to 80 by the weekend. A few more items of gear and then we’ll be looking at doing some nice Heroics and gearing up even further for if we jump into raiding again, although I am looking at achievements and also getting some of my plethora of alts to a more viable playing level. Prime among these are going to be the Death Knight and more than likely my ailing Shaman.

Resto Shaman provide a great buff to a group and given our group’s predilection for finding mail loot drops I think this would be good to do. Would also provide me with a different experience from the Priest. Only bad things on this so far are that Lekktra has been a pure power-leveling character. She has no cooking, no tradeskills or any other way of making money other than questing. Not that cash seems to be a problem with Wrath, if I can eek out the last few levels to get her from 54 into Outland then I think I’ll be onto a winner. It may be another healing class but with the proper gear I’d be able to switch from resto to elemental without having to do anything other than pay the repspec cost. In fact, with the probability of dual-specs arriving in an upcoming patch the Shaman might prove to be a winner. Watch this space, I am a sucker for levelling characters and it drives at least our main tank mad that I can spend so much time “faffing about on characters that are level 2.” None of them are level two, they all stretch from the low thirties to mid fifties. The only thing that kind of puts me off is the memory of rep grinds and getting the cash for the epic flying mount. However, by the time I get around to the Shaman I should be raking in the quest gold from the Northrend quests with Bo. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds and if I can maybe this time make a go of having a Shaman as a main character. I failed that when we were raiding Kara.


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