Dungeon Discipline

January 9, 2009

Yes, that’s right, two posts in a row running with a play on words around Discpline, my new talent spec. As I’m  not quite 80 yet so it isn’t finished but over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to take it inside a few instances to see how it runs and how it feels. I have also had some recent fortune with loot drops and even though I missed a couple of need rolls last night I have still replaced an awful lot of gear since the weekend. If had planned ahead I could have linked it all here, but during the course of this week I now have all blue gear. Replacements have upgraded my head, neck, chest, bracers, legs, one ring and a trinket, almost a complete set of new gear. Unbuffed my mana pool is now over 16k and I am noting a much higher mana efficiency than I did with my old “more Holy than Disc” build.

I had massive overhealing the first time that I ran with it as I was getting used to the various new abilities that I have and what can be done (I am still having problems remembering that I have Pain Suppression). I’m not healing for as much on my Greater Heals or Flash Heals, but I am having to use them less often as Penance makes up the majority of my healing use as well as PW: Shield. I need to brush up on ability use to make sure that I am getting things right but so far it is making my job of healing a lot easier and our guild tank also seems to be enjoying its benefits. We ran Halls of Lightning last night and the only thing that gave us some trouble was Loken who requires group healing and I just need to get used to dealing with that particular boss. Either way we didn’t wipe and he went down.

I’d like to run CoT: Stratholme though as that place was a nightmare healing wise previously and I just want to make a comparison. At the moment I’m really getting into this way of healing, now that I am 78 there’s not many more talent points coming my way so I’ll finish it off and then maybe play around with it some later. My reservations about Penance have been well and truly dispelled too, it’s a great spell and when it crits to proc the healing shield on my target it gets even better. Another level 80 instance should also hit me up to Honoured with Wyrmrest too. I know that conventional thinking should have me levelling Kirin Tor rep, but I want a drake first!

Not much may happen over this weekend as I’ll be celebrating my wife’s 30th birthday so I hope everyone has a good weekend and that the loot-fu is with you.


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