Daily Discipline

January 6, 2009

Being back at work and having other parts of my life kick back into gear looks like trying to derail my WoW efforts. Today on my WoW “Year of Fear” calendar I have Shade of Akama staring across the desk space at me. An instance/raid Boss every day for 2009? Sweet!

From Monday night until at least Wednesday the only thing I think I’ll be able to eek out is my current couple of dailies. I hit Revered with the Kalu’ak last night, I’m currenly doing the Kasala supplies daily and the Not-really-a-seal-adult-friend-finder quest. Those two alone are netting me 1k of rep for about 20mins work of flying around and doing them. I haven’t even done their quests in Dragonblight yet so Exalted shouldn’t be too hard to do. I’m also running the Drake Hunt quest in Coldarra for the Wyrmrest Accord rep. The level 80 dungeons that I am running I use their tabard for as well. Exalted should be achievable once I hit Dragonblight and get to do their quests. I’m halfway through honoured at the moment and I know that Coldarra has more quests for them as I level.

After doing my healing “thang” I have also respecced to the widely accepted 57/14 Disc/Holy. I’m interested to see how it plays and if it works for me and our tank. I’d also like to send a shout-out to a new Druid who is joining our team after a stint in WAR. I’ve only had the briefest of chances to play alongside him in that game and look forward to helping him through his new life with the Alliance races.

Watch this space for how things go with the new spec, I just hope I don’t get to go back to Shadow at the moment as I have replaced all my crit gear….. /gasp.


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