Happy New Year

January 5, 2009

Happy New Year everyone. First up is an apology, apologising for the lack of any posts over the Christmas period. Unsurprisingly perhaps I was playing WoW, so let’s go through all the things that have happened over the last 10 days.

Bo is now 77 and out of rested XP. Fermat our tank hit 80 and has been running instances like a man possessed. Due to our Trood being unavailable at the start of the holidays when we decided to run a Azjol-Nerub I offered to respec back from Shadow to Healing in order to reduce the possible pain of a PUG healer. With guild tank, one guild DPS and a guild Healer we were pretty much covering the bases. Since that date I have yet to move away from the Holy/Disc hybrid that is based off my old raiding spec from Karazhan that seemed to work well for me. This has obviously changed our group dynamics and rather than make our Trood redundant she has respecced into the very cool Boomkin, 5% crit bonuses are lovely. She’s still gearing up the death chicken and learning the intracacies of life as a giant bundle of feathery pewpew but spell caster reports are enjoying the buffs. I’ve also re-glyphed my gear to better suit the healing role, between that, Winter Flying and a couple of new bags I am virtually skint. Especially when I bought the armoured Brown Bear as an early WoW Winter Veil gift to myself.

Winter Veil has come and gone, I am one achievement off finishing it though. I didn’t realise that the Ogri’la faction was oly unlocked with pre-quests so had left it till near the end of the festival and didn’t get it done, oh well, there’s always next year, that proto-drake is going to have to wait. I did manage to be very sad though and logged in at half three on New Year’s Day (that’s the morning folks) to grab the Ragefire Chasm achievement. It’s scary how many people are actually logged in and playing at that time of the day.

Our little group of friends has also been running level 80 instances too despite the fact that myself and the Boomkin are not 80. It has actually been very succesful. One wipe on Mal’Ganis and one wipe on Loken are the only real problems we’ve had, both were on our first group runs through. We’ve had the occasional death (Voidwalker boss in Violet Hold is still nasty) but things have gone pretty well so far in the pug arena.

Reports on the various rep grinds will have to be another post. I’ve done a lot over the past week or so and not going to blurt it all out and rob myself of some posts.


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