December 23, 2008

The power of Wintergrasp doth prevail! Last night I logged in after work to find a mere 10 minute wait for the Battle for Wintergrasp to open up. I managed to grab my 50 Gnome HKs for Winter Veil so I am down to only needing two more achievements to grab my title and have an event completed on the way to that elusive Violet Proto-drake. I still need to find some gullib…. co-operative guild mates to spring upon the Ogri’la stuff. I am hoping that I can gather enough of us that want to finish the achievements that we can arrange the group to get it done. This really is a wait and see moment, I wasn’t imaging this much difficulty in it.

Bo also managed to grab level 73 last night, I’ve been back for over a month now so those three levels might not look like much for the time I’ve been in game. However, when I came back I first started playing on my Hunter (now level 46) and then after having a buggy version of questhelper switched to my Shaman (now level 54) and then, once all my friends started back up, the call for Bo to make a comeback was strong and there we go, a free respec from Holy (my raid spec when I was playing the last time) to the new Shadow and I have a character doing the stuff in Northrend, which so far has been quite enjoyable. I do plan on spending some time on these other characters once I hit level 80. Many of the friends I have in game have multiple characters at level 70, a luxury I have never had being a rather late comer to the WoW party. My Death Knight is my attempt at a high level Horde, everything else is Alliance pretty much, although I do have a few legacy Hordies from previous forays into the game. Just nothing that hit 60 or 70.

I’ll be spending lost of time with family over the Christmas period which will not only limit my play time but also limit my blogging time, so my already low readership will have even less to read. Watch this space for even more Shadow Priest goodness come the new year when the trail to 80 lays wide open with (hopefully) few distractions.


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