Meet Ephemera

December 22, 2008

As a diversion from my craving for achievements on my Shadow Priest I deleted my original Death Knight, the Night Elf Knigget and created a Blood Elf, easy access to higher end Horde content despite my highest Horde being a lowly 43. Over the weekend I got the enigmatic Blood Elf murder machine up to level 60, quite happy with the performance so far. It has provided me with something to do and has so far succeeded in stopping me from creating a new low level character to start.

In terms of Bouaza things aren’t going all that great. Despite almost being level 73 now the achievements have all but stalled. Wintergrasp got me 11 HKs before I went off with guildies to run an instance. I had been ganked from behind by a stealthed druid so lost my disguise and that’s why I went to the instance, otherwise I’d have stayed in PvP. I am now 21 out of 50 kills after running a few AVs. Last night I decided to go with Steller the Trood (tree druid) to Blade’s Edge in order to try and complete the Ogri’la stuff, only to realise that I didn’t have the faction unlocked and there were a load of 5-man pre-quests to do before I could even start. We tried the closest one to the quest giver and promptly got our asses handed to us. Unless I can get a group together to do it I won’t be able to complete the Winter Veil achievements which after the time I’ve invested is going to be rather annoying. I suppose we’ll have to see what happens and how many willing guild mates I can coerce.


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