Achievements – I haz dem

December 19, 2008

After the whole debacle of attempting to quickly get those 50 Gnome suit HKs last night proved a whole different kettle of fish. I am now a mere three achievements off being declared as “the Merrymaker”. This is much to my liking.

While I still have the 50HKs to do the only others I need are the 25 crashes with the racer and the Ogri’la quest on a flying reindeer. I am hoping that I can get at least two of these done over the weekend as I currently do not have a racer. Come the point I do, I should have this one in the bag. After a quick discussion with RL friends and guild mates our husband and wife tank/healer team grouped up with my uber-shadow-priestyness to go run Nexus to grab the Red Winter Hat, the last piece of my Draenai’s festive garb. Packing a few pounds of the right kind of cake we decided to attempt a 3-man run on the first boss in the Nexus, I’d read about it being done (and even soloed) but that was with level 80’s, we had a level 76 Prot Warrior (props to Fermat), a level 74 Trood (props to Steller our resto druid) and me being a lowly and wholly appropriate for the instance, level 72. We quite happily waltzed through all the trash before Triplet Mage lady and then proceeded to lay the smack down upon her. We did this run twice so that both myself and Steller got the hats for our achievements. Both times our Trood bit the dust during the fight. Luckily though I am aware that a Shadow Priest also has the ability to heal and can drop out of Shadowform to keep things going. Fermat and I finished off the fight both times, with only a minor scare with him getting down to around 1% health as I got CC’d, we still made it though. It was ass-kickery at its finest and there is now a lady night elf and lady Draenai sporting new festive head gear.

Before running the “Land of Hats” ™ I had spent a little time with me mistletoe doing the “Bros. before Ho Ho Ho’s”, pretty easy to find all the people required and didn’t even need to look at Thottbot. All that /kiss ing also meant I had the snowflakes to sprinkle liberally over certain race/class combinations. I finished the night in Dalaran camped outside the Horde area flinging the stuff at the right Hordies that happened along. So, after having already completed everything else I am down to the last few achievements, which in itself feels like a major pile of win. Watch this space to see if I can finish it all off and get my first title. I’m pretty hopeful of doing it at the moment, don’t really care that I will be one in a whole mass of people that are probably going to complete it but it’s keeping me happy and has gotten me a lot nearer to level 73. Flying out to Nexus also showed me an area that I haven’t visited with more quests available too, this will help once I am done with Winter Veil and go back to the main task of getting Bo up to 80 ready for whatever end game content we choose. Hopefully this time I can stay Shadow specced as well, it’s a lot of fun right now.


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