PvP + Achievements = Recipe for Perfect “Bah Humbug”

December 18, 2008

I like to think that I do my research, before diving into something I get the background information and then dangle my toes in the general pool of attempting. However, I consider last night to be a giant steaming lump of epic fail! Winterveil is here, so this is my chance to complete the achievements and get a nice title as well as making my way towards the holiday events uber-reward, the Violet Proto-drake. The night started well, I hit Arathi Highlands and found the big Greench waiting for me, one Mind Blast and a quick Mind Flay later and I had the stolen treats and was back off to Ironforge for the hand-in. Done and done, I then cooked up the various festive treats required handed in the Gingerbread cookies quest to the fat red dude and was running up some achievement karma, so I thought. I now have enough mistletoe for the Bros before “Ho Ho Ho’s” but what I attempted next will no doubt haunt my waking moments for some considerable time.

I tried to do the PvP achievement, you know, 50 HKs while disguised as a Gnome. Well, I am sure people pick on me as I am a Priest and am therefore uber squishy, a Shadow Priest Gnome though seems to be even more of an attractive target. I think that the Hordies on my server just want to stop me from getting this achievement. Out of the 50 HKs required I got a whopping 5 over 4 different battlegrounds. I went to Eye of the Storm and not only got the Victory achievment for there but “Flurry” as well as we won it in under 6 minutes. I didn’t just dive in idly to try and get those HKs either. I’d already tried AV twice, you know, sit in the group and farm some HKs…. didn’t happen. I just had an overwhelmingly frustrating experience at my own frailty. I believe that Priest is the hardest race to get this achievement done. A rogue could just stealth and walk around wathcing the kills rack up without placing himself in danger. Over the weekend I’ll probably see if I can get this done in Wintergrasp, although I need to wind where the infernal Wondervolt machine is in Dalaran.

Due to my frustrations with PvP I decided to have a romp on my old Paladin, Blood Elf and level 43. That lasted all of about the ten minutes it took to get me to Silvermoon, port to Undercity and check out the haircuts. I then went onto my Night Elf death Knight sold all her gear, collected my sales from the AH and sent that cash over to Bo. Deleted that character and re-created as a Blood Elf, so I have a new Death Knight called Ephemera. I finished off the night running the starting quests for Death Knights, in five minutes I have another thirteen levels over my paladin. It would be nice after all to have 80’s on both Horde and Alliance. At least, that’s my plan. I haven’t done any proper levelling with Bo since the weekend so I need to sort that out, however, with Winter’s Veil achievements up for grabs I want to try and get that done before heading back into Borean Tundra to finish that zone off.


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