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December 23, 2008

The power of Wintergrasp doth prevail! Last night I logged in after work to find a mere 10 minute wait for the Battle for Wintergrasp to open up. I managed to grab my 50 Gnome HKs for Winter Veil so I am down to only needing two more achievements to grab my title and have an event completed on the way to that elusive Violet Proto-drake. I still need to find some gullib…. co-operative guild mates to spring upon the Ogri’la stuff. I am hoping that I can gather enough of us that want to finish the achievements that we can arrange the group to get it done. This really is a wait and see moment, I wasn’t imaging this much difficulty in it.

Bo also managed to grab level 73 last night, I’ve been back for over a month now so those three levels might not look like much for the time I’ve been in game. However, when I came back I first started playing on my Hunter (now level 46) and then after having a buggy version of questhelper switched to my Shaman (now level 54) and then, once all my friends started back up, the call for Bo to make a comeback was strong and there we go, a free respec from Holy (my raid spec when I was playing the last time) to the new Shadow and I have a character doing the stuff in Northrend, which so far has been quite enjoyable. I do plan on spending some time on these other characters once I hit level 80. Many of the friends I have in game have multiple characters at level 70, a luxury I have never had being a rather late comer to the WoW party. My Death Knight is my attempt at a high level Horde, everything else is Alliance pretty much, although I do have a few legacy Hordies from previous forays into the game. Just nothing that hit 60 or 70.

I’ll be spending lost of time with family over the Christmas period which will not only limit my play time but also limit my blogging time, so my already low readership will have even less to read. Watch this space for even more Shadow Priest goodness come the new year when the trail to 80 lays wide open with (hopefully) few distractions.


Meet Ephemera

December 22, 2008

As a diversion from my craving for achievements on my Shadow Priest I deleted my original Death Knight, the Night Elf Knigget and created a Blood Elf, easy access to higher end Horde content despite my highest Horde being a lowly 43. Over the weekend I got the enigmatic Blood Elf murder machine up to level 60, quite happy with the performance so far. It has provided me with something to do and has so far succeeded in stopping me from creating a new low level character to start.

In terms of Bouaza things aren’t going all that great. Despite almost being level 73 now the achievements have all but stalled. Wintergrasp got me 11 HKs before I went off with guildies to run an instance. I had been ganked from behind by a stealthed druid so lost my disguise and that’s why I went to the instance, otherwise I’d have stayed in PvP. I am now 21 out of 50 kills after running a few AVs. Last night I decided to go with Steller the Trood (tree druid) to Blade’s Edge in order to try and complete the Ogri’la stuff, only to realise that I didn’t have the faction unlocked and there were a load of 5-man pre-quests to do before I could even start. We tried the closest one to the quest giver and promptly got our asses handed to us. Unless I can get a group together to do it I won’t be able to complete the Winter Veil achievements which after the time I’ve invested is going to be rather annoying. I suppose we’ll have to see what happens and how many willing guild mates I can coerce.


Achievements – I haz dem

December 19, 2008

After the whole debacle of attempting to quickly get those 50 Gnome suit HKs last night proved a whole different kettle of fish. I am now a mere three achievements off being declared as “the Merrymaker”. This is much to my liking.

While I still have the 50HKs to do the only others I need are the 25 crashes with the racer and the Ogri’la quest on a flying reindeer. I am hoping that I can get at least two of these done over the weekend as I currently do not have a racer. Come the point I do, I should have this one in the bag. After a quick discussion with RL friends and guild mates our husband and wife tank/healer team grouped up with my uber-shadow-priestyness to go run Nexus to grab the Red Winter Hat, the last piece of my Draenai’s festive garb. Packing a few pounds of the right kind of cake we decided to attempt a 3-man run on the first boss in the Nexus, I’d read about it being done (and even soloed) but that was with level 80’s, we had a level 76 Prot Warrior (props to Fermat), a level 74 Trood (props to Steller our resto druid) and me being a lowly and wholly appropriate for the instance, level 72. We quite happily waltzed through all the trash before Triplet Mage lady and then proceeded to lay the smack down upon her. We did this run twice so that both myself and Steller got the hats for our achievements. Both times our Trood bit the dust during the fight. Luckily though I am aware that a Shadow Priest also has the ability to heal and can drop out of Shadowform to keep things going. Fermat and I finished off the fight both times, with only a minor scare with him getting down to around 1% health as I got CC’d, we still made it though. It was ass-kickery at its finest and there is now a lady night elf and lady Draenai sporting new festive head gear.

Before running the “Land of Hats” ™ I had spent a little time with me mistletoe doing the “Bros. before Ho Ho Ho’s”, pretty easy to find all the people required and didn’t even need to look at Thottbot. All that /kiss ing also meant I had the snowflakes to sprinkle liberally over certain race/class combinations. I finished the night in Dalaran camped outside the Horde area flinging the stuff at the right Hordies that happened along. So, after having already completed everything else I am down to the last few achievements, which in itself feels like a major pile of win. Watch this space to see if I can finish it all off and get my first title. I’m pretty hopeful of doing it at the moment, don’t really care that I will be one in a whole mass of people that are probably going to complete it but it’s keeping me happy and has gotten me a lot nearer to level 73. Flying out to Nexus also showed me an area that I haven’t visited with more quests available too, this will help once I am done with Winter Veil and go back to the main task of getting Bo up to 80 ready for whatever end game content we choose. Hopefully this time I can stay Shadow specced as well, it’s a lot of fun right now.


PvP + Achievements = Recipe for Perfect “Bah Humbug”

December 18, 2008

I like to think that I do my research, before diving into something I get the background information and then dangle my toes in the general pool of attempting. However, I consider last night to be a giant steaming lump of epic fail! Winterveil is here, so this is my chance to complete the achievements and get a nice title as well as making my way towards the holiday events uber-reward, the Violet Proto-drake. The night started well, I hit Arathi Highlands and found the big Greench waiting for me, one Mind Blast and a quick Mind Flay later and I had the stolen treats and was back off to Ironforge for the hand-in. Done and done, I then cooked up the various festive treats required handed in the Gingerbread cookies quest to the fat red dude and was running up some achievement karma, so I thought. I now have enough mistletoe for the Bros before “Ho Ho Ho’s” but what I attempted next will no doubt haunt my waking moments for some considerable time.

I tried to do the PvP achievement, you know, 50 HKs while disguised as a Gnome. Well, I am sure people pick on me as I am a Priest and am therefore uber squishy, a Shadow Priest Gnome though seems to be even more of an attractive target. I think that the Hordies on my server just want to stop me from getting this achievement. Out of the 50 HKs required I got a whopping 5 over 4 different battlegrounds. I went to Eye of the Storm and not only got the Victory achievment for there but “Flurry” as well as we won it in under 6 minutes. I didn’t just dive in idly to try and get those HKs either. I’d already tried AV twice, you know, sit in the group and farm some HKs…. didn’t happen. I just had an overwhelmingly frustrating experience at my own frailty. I believe that Priest is the hardest race to get this achievement done. A rogue could just stealth and walk around wathcing the kills rack up without placing himself in danger. Over the weekend I’ll probably see if I can get this done in Wintergrasp, although I need to wind where the infernal Wondervolt machine is in Dalaran.

Due to my frustrations with PvP I decided to have a romp on my old Paladin, Blood Elf and level 43. That lasted all of about the ten minutes it took to get me to Silvermoon, port to Undercity and check out the haircuts. I then went onto my Night Elf death Knight sold all her gear, collected my sales from the AH and sent that cash over to Bo. Deleted that character and re-created as a Blood Elf, so I have a new Death Knight called Ephemera. I finished off the night running the starting quests for Death Knights, in five minutes I have another thirteen levels over my paladin. It would be nice after all to have 80’s on both Horde and Alliance. At least, that’s my plan. I haven’t done any proper levelling with Bo since the weekend so I need to sort that out, however, with Winter’s Veil achievements up for grabs I want to try and get that done before heading back into Borean Tundra to finish that zone off.


Magni Bronzebeard has snow in his beard – Story at 11

December 16, 2008

The Feast of Winter Veil has finally descended upon us. It’s been a few weeks now since I left behind my broken Magus in WAR and walked back into the familiar clutches of World of Warcraft. After having left the game in January of this year after a huge time investment I was free and clean, however, the release of Wrath of the Lich King tempted me to once more try things out and see about the changes. It took me about three weeks to actually settle on a main character. I started on my level 39 Hunter and climbed to the heady heights of level 46, then switched to my Shaman and went from 49 to almost 55. Finally I caved in, respecced my level 70 Priest and am now dealing copious amounts of Shadow damage through the frozen northern wastelands. Pew pew indeed.

One of the things that has kept me going this time is the Achievements system, I am not going to waste time by comparing it to the Tome of Knowledge in WAR, but I have been able to divert myself from questing to go and grab some achievements now and again. Some of them just need money and I’ll most likely wait until 80 before going around and getting these things checked off. It’s still a lot of fun and there is a genuine sense of having completed something with some of them.

With Winter Veil having now gone live it’s the time in which I can try and get that title by spending the next few weeks fully engrossed in Winter themed content. I’m hoping that I can get it done but there are a fwe achievements in there that concern me, I’ll give updates as to how they progress right here. Last night was interesting if only for the fact that every single area where the quests can be done was camped to high heaven. I have not seen such a level of campage since the days of Everquest. Still, I’m determined to get it all done, however, I think the Dwarven king might be slightly annoyed after millions of people spend their time chucking balls of frozen water at him!

Merry Christmas to everyone out there in the real world too!